Welcome Back Salve!

Hello Salve Community!

Nick Mosher, President of WSRU, here and I am excited to start this new year at Salve with WSRU Radio! We have a lot of new things coming up and I hope that everyone stays tuned right here for update. Also make sure you like us on Facebook if you haven’t already. To those who are new to Salve, you can look forward to a great year filled with great music provided by all of us here at WSRU. We are here to provide Salve with the music you love. If you’re interested in joining WSRU please do not hesitate to contact any of the members of the executive board. We are also having our first meeting Monday, September 24th in Wakehurst room 204. I encourage everyone to come on down and join us! ┬áLet’s kick off another great year here at WSRU Radio! PlayitLoud!

-Nick Mosher